February 14, 2019 Dean Baker

February 2019, winter finally arrived.

November and December were predominately quiet months for weather. January and February have definitely got us into a Canadian winter with an icy grip.

With the recent weather patterns, Jan 23rd 12 mm of rain; followed by snow and freezing temps; then into a thawing period; Feb 12th-13th snow and rain (10mm) then freezing temperatures. We are tracking ice on the golf course, predominantly on fairways. The Poa turf can withstand approx. 30 to 45 days under ice without damage.

Through the winter we evaluate this ice cover with a plan to break it up if it doesn’t melt naturally. This will help stop the suffocation turf can go through under ice.

Breaking up ice is a delicate procedure, as we do not want to damage frozen turf. We do this sparingly on heavy ice areas only. I know from past experiences, trying to do too much during the winter (equipment on frozen turf) can be just as detrimental. We will judge these areas accordingly.  Our hope would be for a timely melt before the 30 days of ice cover expires, but inevitably we know who will make that decision.

Enjoy the winter while you can and know that spring is not too far away!

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Dean Baker

Dean Baker, Certified Golf Course Superintendent (Since 1989). He joined Burlington Golf & Country Club in 2012, where he has enjoyed the remodeling and renovation of this historic 1922 Stanley Thompson design. Dean is a graduate of the University of Guelph where he remains involved with the program he graduated from, Associate Diploma in Turf Management. There he lends his expertise as an instructor to upcoming turf managers, by instructing the Human Resources for Turf Managers Course.

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