Settling Into Summer

June 25, 2015 Dean Baker

Summer is finally settling in and the turf department is well into its cutting routines. The course is very healthy heading into the busiest months.

Greens are rolling smoothly and have reached their cruising speed of approximately 10 ft on the stimpmeter. Speeds may fluctuate slightly depending on the weather conditions. Rainy wet weather will soften the greens slowing them down, making the speed closer to 10 feet.

Drier conditions will have them hard and faster - closer to 11 feet. Weather aside, keeping all greens consistent throughout the summer and into the Club Championships is a top priority for the Turf Department.

A slightly lower cutting height on fairways have given us some great conditions for ball lie and second shots. Damaged areas on fairways continue to heal. The lower height of cut may be slowing the healing process slightly, but the trade-off on present fairway conditions has been well worth it. We will continue to seed and topdress these areas to improve any bad lies.

The Turf department never like to sit still for long. Although bigger projects have been completed, you will see us out on the course working on the “small things”. Details that may have been overlooked during busier times, but now will only make the golf course that more pristine, neat and tidy.

Have a great summer playing golf!

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Dean Baker, Certified Golf Course Superintendent (Since 1989). He joined Burlington Golf & Country Club in 2012, where he has enjoyed the remodeling and renovation of this historic 1922 Stanley Thompson design. Dean is a graduate of the University of Guelph where he remains involved with the program he graduated from, Associate Diploma in Turf Management. There he lends his expertise as an instructor to upcoming turf managers, by instructing the Human Resources for Turf Managers Course.

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