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June 6, 2017 Dean Baker

BGCC Turf Bulletin

June Update 2017

  • Sod in our winter project areas has finally been laid. These areas are considered “Ground Under Repair”.  Roping & red stakes mark all areas. Please be mindful to stay out of these areas completely.
  • Greens aerating/overseeding/heavy topdressing went well May 29th/30th. Talking to members, all were happy with the results considering the major work completed.
  • Green Speeds... as we head into the summer:
    • Our height of cut is set for the summer at .120. This height will give us speeds around 10. Greens are cut daily unless there is extreme weather (very cold or wet).
    • We roll the greens Wednesday through Sunday to maintain 10.5.
      Again, they are not rolled in extreme weather.
    • Greens are top-dressed every Monday for firmness.
  • Bunkers have been a challenge this spring. Multiply heavy rains caused bunkers faces to wash out many times. Repairing these areas saw more sand being applied to the bunker faces than normal. We have addressed the bunkers with probing and moving sand to its proper locations. This practice will continue throughout the season. 1 to 2 inches of sand is our maintenance goal for bunker sides. This allows the ball to release into the bottom of the trap. Now that our bunker crew is set, well-rehearsed and with strong direction, you will see the bunkers greatly improve.
  • Weed Spraying will continue on dryer days (24 hours no rain), specifically around greens, tees and bunkers.  
  • Rough is coming along slowly! Fertilizer is on the ground, more heat will have it kick in for growth.
  • Spring weather results: The wet cooler weather does not help consistency on the golf course.
    • April... 135 millimeters of  rain and cold temperatures.
      May... 165 millimeters of  rain and cold temperatures.
      These months have experienced double the monthly average rain fall.
    • Looking at greens; wet and softer surfaces mean slower speeds. With the heavy rains we have encountered, cutting and/or rolling has been compromised many times through April & May.
    • Enough said about the weather.
  • June... Here we come!!



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