Turf Bulletin ~ Forget Spring, Here Comes Summer!

May 30, 2019 Dean Baker

BGCC Turf Bulletin

Forget Spring, Here Comes Summer!

May 30th… Course Update

We have officially given up on Spring and now, with June approaching, we are anticipating summer. The weather has kept us cold and wet since we opened. The Long Range Forecast reads "be prepared for a cool wet summer". Let’s hope this is not true!!

Unwavering, the Turf Department carries on with their work around the course.

  • Lots of grass cutting as the soil temperature finally gets to a respectable temperature for “spring” growth.
  • Fertilizing & spraying continues. When we can spray (sunny days), keeping our weed population down on the golf course. This process is key for prevention, especially to control crabgrass...coming soon.
  • Bunkers have seen a lot of rain & washouts. We continue to repair and add new sand, keeping them playable.

The Greens… continue to see a lot of attention. Drying them out for firmness and speed has been a challenge due to 135mm rain in May! The Poa spots we see are in full bloom (seedheads). At this time of year, Poa is in full growth and spots are easy to recognize. A full survey this spring of that our Greens, after 5 years of establishment, still have a Bentgrass population over 90%. The Greens with the most Poa invasion are in the Front 9. As we all know, the Front 9 sees the most traffic & wear. Poa populations can change throughout the season, particularly in the summer when drier conditions favour Bentgrass. All things considered, our Greens remain very healthy and ready for Summer… when it arrives???

Everyone...Keep Your Chin Up!!

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Dean Baker

Dean Baker, Certified Golf Course Superintendent (Since 1989). He joined Burlington Golf & Country Club in 2012, where he has enjoyed the remodeling and renovation of this historic 1922 Stanley Thompson design. Dean is a graduate of the University of Guelph where he remains involved with the program he graduated from, Associate Diploma in Turf Management. There he lends his expertise as an instructor to upcoming turf managers, by instructing the Human Resources for Turf Managers Course.

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Turf Bulletin ----> Next up… Summer & Clover!!

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Turf Bulletin ~ Spring is finally arriving…be prepared!