Walking versus Riding Greens Mowers

May 17, 2016 Dean Baker

Walking Versus Riding Greens Mowers
Cut & Consistency... No Difference

Comments have come forward pertaining to the method we cut greens. The question asked... Is a walking greens mower a better cut on greens than a triplex riding mower?

The answer is no. Both mowers have identical cutting units (same manufacture, Toro). The difference is their means of propulsion & width. One is pushed with a single mower; the other is ridden with 3 mowing units.  

The consistency & height of cut are identical.

The reason for changing type of mower (to which we have both walkers & triplex):   

  • Shoulder seasons (spring & fall); triple mowing is a more efficient use of labour & time. Getting greens cut quicker with a smaller staff.
  • Early morning starts; triplex mowing with rolling greens again can be a more efficient use of labour & time.
  • Triplex mowers can leave wheel marks on softer greens but their weight distribution is nominally difference than that of a walker.
  • Walkers can be easier to maneuver in sensitive areas, i.e smaller greens #2,6,8,10,14.
  • Note: Rolling greens after cutting has a stronger impact to weight & compaction than both triplex & walkers.

Both are used in combination throughout the calendar year for the given reason. Walkers are use for the majority of the season (June to September) in combination of rolling green after cutting.

Note: this is standard practice at most golf courses.


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