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June 25, 2020 Aileen Black

May 15, 2020

Hi everyone,

Yeah! Our course will be opening soon! We are very fortunate to be part of the first phase of the re-opening plan. Let’s not forget however, that this COVID-19 virus is very serious and that it will be imperative on our part to follow the guidelines established. Once all those guidelines are in place, we will be in a better position to determine when we can start playing our Tuesday games.

Your Ladies Executive is comprised of some very dedicated ladies and I thank each and every one of them for their advice, their assistance and endless energy.
Past President: Karen Dyson

  • Golf Captain: Janet Hutter
  • Golf Vice-Captain: Deborah Sandler
  • Secretary: Debbie Bristow Social &
  • House Convener: Margo MacCuish
  • Treasurer: Barbara Love
  • Trophy and Prize Convener: Lynne Hague

I would like to wish a warm welcome to the nine newest members of our Ladies Section:

  • Jo Bloemberg (big sister, Tania Clancy)
  • Ann Bradaric (big sister, Martha Wilk)
  • Suzanne Colasimone (big sister, Julie Allen)
  • Jahn Colling (big sister, Jackie Styles)
  • Kathy Gambarotto (big sister, Martha Bauer)
  • Lisa Garland (big sister, Louise McGillivray)
  • Wendi Hanson (big sister, Susan McCullough)
  • Suzanne Lloyd (big sister, Janet Hutter)
  • Heather Milne-Hall (big sister, Susan Semkowski)

The Big Sister plays an important role in ensuring that the overall experience of our new members is a positive one and we truly appreciate their help.

As previously mentioned, your Ladies Executive Committee will have to make decisions as we move forward. We regrettably have made the decision to cancel our member-guest scheduled for August 18th. There are too many uncertainties in terms of whether or not the golf course will be completed by then and whether or not the construction of the clubhouse will be finalized. Furthermore, the long term impact from COVID 19 is unknown, specifically with respect to social/physical distancing rules and regulations. The Organizing Committee begins planning a year in advance for this event and it wouldn’t be fair, to them, to you and to your invited guest to cancel at the last minute. On a positive note, next year’s member-guest will be even more special.

This COVID 19 virus has had a significant impact across the world including our community. Front care workers and first responders are keeping us safe and putting their lives at risk to take care of those affected by this virus. Essential workers are also very important to our community. Many friends and families have been affected by loss of businesses and loss of jobs and it is for those reasons that we must double our efforts and support our local economy. More importantly, it is during these difficult times that we must support local charities, such as the Burlington Food Bank (Burlingtonfoodbank), Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation (JBHFoundation), and the Halton Women’s Place (Haltonwomensplace). We urge you to consider making online donations to the organization(s) of your choice by clicking on any of the links. As well, if any of our members have perhaps accumulated a lot of bottles during their stay-at-home time and are wondering what to do with their thousands of dollars; they could consider contributing the funds to the charity of their choice. Volunteering is also a very good way of helping our community. Here is our own Ladies Club Champion, Samantha Zulian, volunteering at the Burlington Food Bank! We are so proud of you Samantha! A big shout out as well to some of our Burlington ladies, Tania Clancy and Leslie Fox, who volunteered for the bottle drive in support of the Burlington Food Bank and the Halton Women’s Shelter.

Once everything is in place, Janet Hutter, your Golf Captain and Deborah Sandler, your Golf Vice Captain will be sending you information regarding the various games and details regarding Team Play.

Looking forward to seeing you on the golf course…2 metres apart!

Danielle Ross
President, Ladies Section

April 22, 2020

Due to provincial and municipal social/physical distancing restrictions in place, and as yet an unknown date for the opening of the golf course, a decision was made to cancel Warm-Up Day, the New Members’ Breakfast and Opening Day.

In consultation with our golf professional, Trevor Fackrell and your games captain, Janet Hutter, we agreed however, that we should continue with Ladies Team League Play. Sign up for Team League Play will be available on May 17th and run to May 31st This is located on May 31st of the Calendar.

Until we receive clear direction from the province and from the City of Burlington, we will have to continue to assess the various events planned on an ongoing basis. We truly appreciate your patience during these difficult times and hope that you’re all keeping safe and healthy.

Danielle Ross
Lady President 

March 27, 2020

When I prepared my first draft of this newsletter, the COVID-19 virus was not that prevalent. How things have changed in a couple of weeks! The 2020 golf season is almost upon us so let’s hope and pray that we will be back to some kind of normalcy by May. As you are aware, we will be playing on an altered golf course for a few months but on the positive side, this will allow us to get to the “après golf” refreshment(s) sooner!

Recognizing that we are at the mercy of the weather and because of the current uncertainties, the dates for the events outlined in the calendar are tentative. Click here to view calendar.  Sign-up begins April 9th for Warm-Up Day, Opening Day, Golf Clinics, and Team Play.

Opening & Closing Day

As in previous years, you can sign up as a foursome for Opening and Closing days. This does not preclude you from signing up as a single, a twosome or a threesome and the Pro Shop will create your team.  With respect to Opening Day, we are planning dinner following golf. The shotgun and dinner start times will be confirmed in mid April once we have more details regarding the current circumstances.

New Handicap System & Rules Seminar

A seminar regarding golf rules as it applies to our golf course and information regarding the new handicap system is tentatively planned for Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. Please sign-up online for this seminar if you plan on attending.

Tuesday Events

New this year, you will be able to sign up between 7:30 (or start time) and 9:30 a.m. (approx) or between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Please ensure that you clearly identify your preferred tee time (early morning or late morning).

We often receive comments that players are not regularly rotated. Making tee times more appropriate to your schedule may make this more difficult. We will make every effort to ensure that a proper rotation of players takes place. Please contact your Golf Captain, Janet Hutter, if you have any concerns.

A description of each game will be provided online, as you sign up on the calendar.

Because of this year’s modified calendar, there will only be three tournament luncheons.  Details about the menu and price will be available when you sign up.

We hope to bring a new twist to the allocation of fun prizes.  Our “thinking caps” are on! You’re feedback is welcome.

Birdie Tree Update 

The Grand Prize for birdies will be awarded to the lady who scored the most birdies during Tuesday morning’s events only. If you score a birdie, please email your Vice-Captain, Deborah Sandler at with the following info:

  • Date of birdie
  • Hole # of birdie
  • Name of one other person you played with; no cc’s required

Team League Play
Team League will be played on Tuesdays. After much consideration, the consensus is to proceed in a manner similar to the men’s league draft. The captains will be identified prior to the draft and will select their team the evening of May 14, 2020. The selection will be posted that same evening.    

  • Deborah Sandler, our Vice Captain will be taking over the role of Convenor.
  • The cost will remain at $75.00 and covers the “pay-outs” and the food at the Closing Party.
  • The number of Team Play days will remain at 12 (9 regular games and 3 playoff games). Please note that this is a team effort and it’s intended for everyone to participate when they can.

Ladies Member Guest
The Ladies Member Guest is scheduled for Tuesday, August 18, 2020.  The event, High Tee, is set to be an unforgettable day where members and their guest will have the opportunity to appreciate our new golf course and our new clubhouse. The cost will remain at $260.00 (total for member & guest).

Member Charity Event – Carpenter Hospice

The Member Charity Event will be held on Tuesday, July 7th the day of our Solheim Cup. This year we will be supporting the Carpenter Hospice, a place where residents and their loved ones can spend their final days in a comfortable and peaceful environment. Since opening in 2002, the 10-bedroom hospice has welcomed more than 2500 people, some of whom were friends and family of our BGCC community. The Hospice receives less than 50% of the annual operating budget from the government and depends on the generosity of our community and their financial supporters to ensure that all their programs and services can continue to be offered at no cost to those in need.   More details to follow regarding this important event.

Mystery Tour

Pencil in Tuesday, September 15th for this year’s Mystery Tour.  The number of participants will be limited to 38. If there are over 38 participants signed up within 24 hours, a draw will be held to determine the lucky participants. A wait list will be established in case of cancellations. Breakfast will be served at the golf course prior to boarding the bus. You will enjoy a round of golf followed by lunch.  The cost and details are being finalized.

Senior Club Championship Weekend
Because of the modified calendar, the Senior Club Championship and Club Championship will be held on the same weekend – September 5, 6, & 7. The Senior Club Championship will be a two-day event and the Club Championship a three-day event with a cut after the 2nd day.

Hunter Armitage Tournament
The tournament is scheduled for Thursday, August 27, 2020 and will be held at Beverly Golf and Country Club. Everyone is encouraged to participate.  This event involves 4 other area clubs besides BGCC:  Dundas Valley, Glendale, Beverly and Chedoke.  Stay tuned for more details. 

A minimum of 90% score entry is required to participate in any BGCC golf event. More details in terms of how this might and/or might not be implemented will be provided prior to the start of the season.


Three Interchanges are planned this year:  BGCC at Beverly (12 participants) on Tuesday, June 23, 2020; Mississaugua at BGCC (12 participants) on Tuesday, August 11, 2020; Hamilton at BGCC (8 participants) – Thursday, September 24th, 2020.  All handicap levels are invited to participate.

Junior Ladies Meet and Greet
The Ladies Executive will be hosting, for the 2nd year in a row, a Junior Ladies Meet and Greet on Monday, May 18th so that the junior ladies can meet their peers, provide input and learn more about the Ladies’ membership activities.  

Business Women’s League
There is no longer an official Business Women’s League. However, other options to ensure that our ladies have an opportunity to meet and network are being discussed with our Golf Professional.  If anyone is interested in joining a group of ladies late Monday or Thursday afternoons for golf and dinner, please contact Iva Page by e-mail ( More details will follow.

Match Play, My Best Score, Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA) Events

We will not proceed with Match Play, My Best Score and the RCGA events because of the modified calendar and altered golf course. These will be reinstated in 2021.

Members’ Well-Being

You are always helpful in allowing us to keep a ‘pulse’ on how our lady members are doing, by informing us of those undergoing surgery, suffering from illnesses, or experiencing loss. We ask for your continued assistance by informing us and by e-mailing Debbie Bristow, our LE secretary:

Your feedback is most important to us, so please pass on your comments or questions throughout the season by e-mailing me at

Now, more than ever, is time for us to try and create happiness by savouring the small moments, by strengthening our connections, by looking for the good of others and by making the best of what is yet to come. Let’s hope for a good spring and an early start to the golf season.

Danielle Ross




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