Golf Sisters Report ~ March 11th ~ Anticipation!

March 11, 2016 Golf Sisters

And with just three weeks left before April 1st (sign up date for some key events) here are some other updates for the golf soeurs.

We are going to un-complicate Tuesdays by keeping the number of different games played at a maximum of two (Team Play plus one).  So …  for the RCGA events not associated with an existing tournament, we are introducing the ‘Play It Your Way’ format.  First off, you will have the option of creating your own threesomes, and as there will be no associated ‘game’, you can decide within your threesome if you would like to play a fun format (and still putt out if you are participating in the RCGA).  Ladies who want to create their own threesomes will do so via the tee sheet signup, those who don’t will sign up via the calendar as per the norm.  And specific to Team Play – if you know ahead of time that you are only going to play 9, please play between 7 – 7:45 am or after 10am.  We are requesting this change to avoid situations where golfers end up playing by themselves after 9 holes.  You will sign up via the tee sheet to accomplish this.

Team Play is coming into its third season in 2016.  Last year, we had six enthusiastic Captains who took the task to heart.  Teams met for coffee, muffins, drinks, backyard parties, “team meetings”.  Any excuse to get the Team together was embraced and there was a great amount of camaraderie. This year we are looking for ladies who would be interested in being a Captain.  Enthusiasm is a must!  If your handicap is between 10 and 22, and you are interested, please email Kathy Moore at

Ladies 50 and over can play in the two day Senior Championship held on July 16 and 17.  Sign up  begins on April 1st .  All of the ladies can play in the three day Ladies Club Championship held on August 26, 27 and 28. 

Finally, we have eleven new ladies joining us this year – five as full time members and six as trials.  If you would like to be a Big Sister, please let us know.  This program has a great reputation for the warm welcome it brings to our new members and we appreciate the effort that our Big Sisters put into it.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact your sisters:

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