June 12th ~ Golf Sisters' Report

June 12, 2015 Nancy Couture

Kudos to the Ladies Member-Guest Organizing Committee (Karen Dyson, Caroline Hogwood, Cathy Lambert, Joan LaSorda, Kathy Moore, and Nancy Williams) for doing such a fabulous job and BGCC staff for being such great sports!  Everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Congratulations to Diane Regan for her hole in one on #18!

We would like to remind you that you can now sign up for the Credit Valley (July 2nd) and Mississaugua (July 6th) Interchanges.

Next Tuesday is Silent Partner and RCGA #3.  If you’re participating in the RCGA , you must count all strokes and putt out on every hole. If you’re strictly doing Team Play/Silent Partner, you can pick up when you reach your max.

The Memorial Tournament is scheduled for Tuesday, June 23, 2015. The lunch is a Fish Tostada (Sole)  topped with a Pico de Gallo on a corn tortilla.  If you have an aversion to fish, please make a note on the registration form and/or let Kaitlyn Buis know.  You can email Kaitlyn at: Kaitlyn.Buis@burlingtongolfclub.com.  If you are playing, but not staying for lunch make a note on the registration form and/or let Kaitlyn Buis and/or Barb Wahab know.  Please notify Barb within 24 hours if you have to cancel by email only at: barbara@burlingtongolfclub.com.

Please do not call the Pro Shop with luncheon cancellations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your sisters:

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