Message from the LE Executive President ~ Dec 1st ~ Golf Forum ~ Minutes and Resolutions

December 4, 2017 Karen Dyson

December 4th, 2017

Dear Lady Members,

I hope this email finds everyone well! Hopefully our snowbirds have arrived safely in their warm and sunny destinations and are all settled in. For those of us who remain back in Burlington, Mother Nature has not been too hard on us yet!

A forum was held on Thursday October 19th. Thank you to all the ladies who attended and to those who sent emails. The Ladies Executive began the evening by sharing some important information and ideas for the next season. A discussion took place afterwards. The topics discussed were:
• Tuesday Events
• Team Play
• Ladies Club Championship
• Opening & Closing Days
• Prizes
• Handicaps
• Communication
• Big Sister Program

The Ladies Executive has summarized all the information and provided answers and resolutions where possible. Attached to this letter you will find a summary of the minutes with the resolutions printed in green.

We hope that you will take the time to read the information and if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or email! We are always open to listening to our member’s ideas and concerns.

Wishing everyone all the best for the holiday season and health and happiness for 2018!

Warmest regards,
Karen Dyson
Ladies Executive President


Karen Dyson welcomed everyone to our second annual Ladies Golf Forum with the following opening message: “This is an evening that allows the Ladies Executive to share information with you followed by open discussion. It is a chance for you to give us your feedback about the things you like and ways in which you think we can improve. I hope that we will listen with open minds to the ideas being shared and will be respectful toward the individuals who are speaking.”
Karen Dyson read the Mission Statement for the Ladies Executive:


Karen Dyson shared information on a variety of topics and this was followed by an open discussion. The Ladies Executive has carefully considered all feedback/comments from both the forum and emails received. Our resolutions are highlighted in green.

• Based on comments we heard, we know that the new game “Bingo Bango Bongo” was a flop! We will be re-introducing a couple of games back into the rotation that we haven’t played for a few years AND if you have any new games to suggest, please let us know! (especially our ladies who winter in Florida)
• Fun prizes were well received, and we welcome any new ideas for fun prize giveaways.
• The Ladies Executive wanted to refresh everyone’s memory about our tournament shotguns and specifically the reason behind why some holes are open. (A member asked this question at the end of the season.)
o “The Greens Staff cannot begin their work before 6 am based on complaints received from neighbours…the noise by-law in Burlington is 7am. The greens need to be cut every day before members go out, therefore all member shotgun tournaments are not allowed to start before 9am.” The resolution was a “modified shotgun” beginning at 8:30am. Trevor and Dean agreed that we could start on hole numbers 1, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18. This allows the Greens Staff to finish cutting hole numbers 2 – 7 after 8:30, thus not interfering with play.
• Tuesday groupings were a problem for some of the ladies who were paired with the same person multiple times. The Ladies Executive would like to remind everyone to PLEASE email the Pro Shop if this happens more than once! Here is some information from Pat Bruder about HOW the Tuesday groupings are formed:
o The Pro Shop does its absolute best to mix up the groupings with lady golfers on Tuesday mornings but over the course of the season many different parameters can sometimes make it difficult to do so without being paired with other ladies at least 2-3 times throughout the season:
o There are approx. 20 Tuesday morning events throughout the year with an average of 45-50 players per event.
o Each week we use the tournament software system to create random pairings but as of yet it doesn’t have the capability to cross-reference with all other ladies’ events throughout the year.
o Many individuals have tee-time requests (need early time so they can get to work, need later time to drop kids off at school or get to doctor’s appointment, etc.)
o Certain event formats allow sign-up as partners which means pairing with 2 others Example – The Chapman
o Specific events are balanced by handicap to create overall fairness. Example – The Solheim Cup format is match play with no strokes given.
o Presidents/Vice-Presidents & Robert Johnston second rounds are both traditionally grouped according to the 1st round outcomes.
o Individuals who play the red tees often enjoy playing with other individuals who also play those tees.
o Pace of play issues always need to be considered for overall enjoyment to players.
o Additions & deletions must be fit in between the morning of the event and when the initial draws were completed the Saturday before.
• There will be 3 interchanges next year: BGCC will go to Beverly and Mississaugua and Hamilton will come to BGCC.
• A “Mystery Tour” is also in the works for next year. This means that BGCC ladies board a bus to go golfing, but you don’t know the destination until you arrive! The other Club will be on route to BGCC at the same time/same day.

Pace of Play
Some ladies who were not part of Team Play found the pace of play slow when playing with Team Play members who are required to putt out even if the game being played does not require all players in the foursome to putt out (i.e. Two Best Balls). The majority of Tuesdays are tournament games requiring all participants to putt out, therefore, to help speed up the pace of play, all players will be encouraged to putt out in order of whose ball is closest to the pin with each person continuing to putt until their ball is in cup.

Nine-Hole Players
Some ladies were still grouped with players playing only 9 holes to get their Team Play in. This was not enjoyable for those signed up to play 18 holes as they were left to play with one other person or sometimes on their own. The Ladies Executive would like to remind 9-hole players to sign up between 7-9am or after 11am to avoid this situation.

Birdie Tree
Some ladies found the reporting process for the birdie tree onerous (the person with the birdie had to email the Vice Captain and ask one person who witnessed the birdie to email the Vice Captain separately.) Cyndie Horner clarified that only the person reporting her birdie emails the Vice Captain, cc’ing one person she played with. Next year, those who score a birdie on a Tuesday will only need to email our Vice Captain, Janet Hutter, with the following information: date of birdie, hole # and the name of one person they played with. No cc’s required!

• The Opening Draft Party and Closing Reception were very well received!
• There was an issue last year with some Team Captains being appointed even though they were not at the Opening Draft Party. In the future, any Team Captains should be aware and agreeable to taking on the role.
• The 50/50 draw will be divided between more winners next year.
• Sign up for the Team Play Opening & Closing Days will not be by lottery system but instead, the ladies will be able to sign up on the calendar as they do for the other events. There will still be an event for those who are not signed up for Team Play.
• Winnings for Team Play are paid out in “sweeps”. This is the way it has traditionally been done for both the Men’s and Women’s payouts because it is easier to manage. For example, it would prove very difficult to pay out $3.11 to an entire team…not only arranging small amounts of cash but also finding everyone to give the money to.
• Tuesday Team Play was 15 weeks (11 regular + 4 playoffs). Some ladies present at the forum expressed that the primary reason for not participating in Team Play was not being able to commit to playing all days and feeling that they would be letting their team down. The number of Team Play days will be reduced to 12 days. Also, the scoring criteria for participation points will be changed so that a set maximum number of players will be counted for playing on Team Play days. (i.e. 8 out of 10 players) This number will be determined once team numbers are finalized.

• BGCC will be having a Club Championship Weekend next year that will include Men’s, Ladies and Senior Ladies all in one celebratory weekend. It will be held on Labour Day Weekend (Sept 1-3rd 2018).
• After taking into consideration all feedback received regarding how many days each flight will play, the Ladies Executive has decided on the following format:
o Championship, A, B, C and D flights will be a 3-day event with a cut after the second day.
o Senior Club Championship will be a 2-day event.

• The ability to sign up as foursomes for Closing Day was well received and this format will remain the same next year. Opening Day registrants will also be able to sign up as a foursome. If possible, Big Sisters will sign up with their Little Sisters.
• Buffet lunches and dinners seemed to be popular for the most part. They are more cost effective and offer a greater variety of food choices. Our plan is to continue with buffet dinners and lunches, however, minor changes will be made to where the buffet is located. Note: It is the responsibility of any individual with dietary restrictions to contact B. Wahab so that arrangements may be made for a special meal.

• We sometimes hear comments about prizes, specifically comparing women vs. men’s; or the prizes awarded at the Ladies Member Guest, for example.
• The Ladies Executive shared some interesting facts:
o The men pay an entry fee for many of their events: Men’s Opening & Closing Days - $152; Men’s Member Guest - $733; Men’s CC - $82 just to name a few. This doesn’t begin to cover what the men pay every week for their WADG!
o There are no extra fees to play in any of our Tuesday ladies’ events or championships (except for Team Play or “My Best Score”). Our Ladies Member Guest cost is $260 compared to $733.
o If the ladies wish to have more “expensive” prizes or just more prizes in general, we would have to charge entry fees or increase the amount charged to each lady for the Prize Budget. At this time, the amount charged to each lady will remain the same and the LE will continue to work with the same prize budget.

• Since the Golf Forum was held, information about handicaps has changed:
o The Handicap Committee has been focused on raising the awareness of ensuring that all participants of golf events have a handicap that is reflective of their level of play. Significant improvement has been seen by all members in posting their scores, to the point where most members are at 100% score entry. To this end, it has been unanimously agreed by the Golf Committee that at the start of the 2018 golf season, a minimum 80 % score entry will be required to participate in any BGCC golf event.

• A bi-monthly newsletter was sent out from the Ladies President and the Golf Captain & Vice-Captain sent out frequent updates on the Golf Sisters Blog. The consensus was that this frequency was very satisfactory.

• While our Big Sister Program has been a huge success, we have heard feedback that it has not been consistent for all our new members.
• The Ladies Executive will be reviewing the guidelines given out to new Big Sisters.
• If any of our new members would like to share any ideas that they found helpful or information they felt would have been helpful, please send Karen Dyson an email.

Karen Dyson thanked everyone for taking the time to attend the forum. She reiterated that everyone’s feedback is important to the Ladies Executive and will definitely be taken into consideration as the Executive begins its planning for next season.

Silvia Jones thanked the Ladies Executive for all their hard work.

Respectfully submitted,
Louise McGillivray
Secretary, Ladies Executive

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Karen has been a BGCC member since 1998 and enjoys both golfing and curling at the club. She is the Ladies Executive President for 2017-18.

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