October 10th ~ Golf Sisters' Report

October 13, 2015 Golf Sisters

The end of the season is now upon us and all we can hope for are a few sunny days with average temperatures so we can go out on our course to witness the changing colours of the leaves. Debbie and I would like to thank all of you who came out on closing day. Out of 20 teams, 14 teams completed their round in gusting winds and heavy rain (why does it feel like we wrote the same thing on Opening Day?).

Congratulations to our winning group: Cherly Craig, Joan LaSorda, Marion Hunter and Val Marshall. In second place by retrogression were Kathy Miele, Sheri Pickfield, Donna Tufford and Cyndie Horner, in third place were Louise Desrochers, Kim Frid, Martha Wilk, Carolyn Hopmans, and 4th place finish were Susan McCulloch, Margo MacCuish, Liz White and Phantom, Kathy Moore.  Our fearless and strongest Club Champion, Tania, had the longest drive on #14. That’s a surprise!

Some of us need to learn how to bet because I know for a fact that I didn’t do so well but OMG, some have the necessary skills: Cheryl Craig won $1,168; Kathy Miele won $600 and Louise Desrochers won $576.

Congratulations are extended as well to our 2015 Year Long Prize winners

Jackie Rosart

Winner: Betty Lou Rosborough


Runner-Up: Jerri Popp

Hunter Cup 

0 to 20: Julie Allen


21+: Sue Stansbury


Winner: Donna Tufford


Runner Ups: Carolyn Hopmans and Lynn Graham

Birdie Tree 

Tie 1st Diane Regan and June Starkey

Anniversary Trophy 

Winners: Catherine McParland and Lesley Fox


Runner Ups: Cheryl Craig and Joan LaSorda

I did notice, as I was working at my desk on October 6th (ladies cool down day) that the weather was perfect. Why couldn’t we have had that the week before? Hopefully, next year we will have perfect weather throughout the season.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your sisters:

Thank you to everyone for your support during this golf season. A big thank you to all staff (pro-shop, back-shop, starters, office, kitchen and serving staff) for your work.

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