November 11, 2019 Danielle Ross

Your Ladies Executive held its first meeting on October 21, 2019 to review this year’s season and to begin planning our 2020 season. We reviewed and discussed the notes and resolutions from last year’s Forum, shared some of the input we received during this past year and assessed the practices that should be continued, discontinued and/or revised. Given all the uncertainties as a result of the construction on the course and the club house renovations, it was the general consensus that a Forum not be held this year.  However, your feedback is always welcome.

Big Sister Program – The program continues to be well received. In addition to the annual breakfast, the Ladies Executive will host a training session in the spring for new members and their big sisters. Please e-mail Danielle Ross ( if you’re interested in being added to the roster of big sisters.

Club Championship Sponsors – Sponsorships for Club Championships and major events are very important and invaluable to us.  The commitment is for a minimum of five years and the financial obligation is $250.00 per year. The choice of prizes for each winner is up to the individual sponsor. We are looking for someone to sponsor 'D' Flight for next year's club championship. Please e-mail Danielle Ross ( if you’re interested in sponsoring the Club Championships or major events in future years.

New Handicap and New Rules Seminar – The ladies Executive is considering scheduling an education session in the spring on the changes to the handicap system that will be in effect in 2020, as well as how the rules introduced in 2019 apply to our course.

Opening Day – Warm Up day is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 5th and Opening Day for Tuesday, May 12th. The venue for dinner has yet to be decided. It will all depend on the construction progress.

Rotation of Games on Tuesdays – The Ladies Executive will continue to rotate games, introduce new ones and eliminate some that are not as well received. If you have any suggestions, please send them to your Games Captain, Janet Hutter (

Team Play – In accordance with the results of last year’s survey, Team Play was held on Thursdays.  Although it was nice to play with your teams and not having to putt out, many members felt that committing to playing golf two days a week was challenging. The Ladies Executive made the decision to move Team Play back to Tuesdays.

Mystery Tour – The Mystery Tour was again a great success this year. Next year’s trip is scheduled for August 25th. Mark this date in your calendar. We hope to try and accommodate 40 participants (39 ladies and 1 pro). However, we need to assess the cost for the bus. There is a significant difference in cost having a bus for 40 vs 30 people.

Buffets – Based on feedback, buffets continue to be very popular for tournament lunches and Opening & Closing Day dinners. Buffets are very well received, especially for people with allergies and sensitivities.

Closing Day – Last year, members suggested condensing and streamlining the Closing Day ceremonies. Pro-Shop staff distributed the winnings for pari-mutuels. This was helpful in speeding up the process. Closing Day is tentatively scheduled for September 29th.

Participation – Having completed a comparative attendance sheet for our various events over the past years, participation continues to be quite steady but the Ladies Executive is always considering options for improvement. Some options will be discussed with our Club Professional, Trevor Fackrell.  Please e-mail your Games Captain, Janet Hutter ( if you have other suggestions.

Member-Guest – Next year’s Member-Guest is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, July 21st.

Member Charity Event – Combining this event with the Solheim Cup, in support of the Burlington Food Bank, was a great success. For 2020, the Solheim Cup will be held on Tuesday, July 7th and the charity event will be in support of the Carpenter Hospice.

Senior Ladies Club Championship – This year we held the Senior Ladies Club Championship the same weekend as the Men’s Senior Club Championship. Twelve (12) ladies participated, and those who did really enjoyed the format of this two-day event. For 2020, the Ladies Senior Club Championship will again be held the same weekend as the Men's Senior Club Championship (July 18th & July 19th).

Ladies Club Championship - It will be held on September 5th, 6th, 7th. T. Fackrell will again review the handicap flights. This might not result in any changes from this past year.

Interchanges – We continue to have some challenges getting the full complement of 12 participants for these events. For 2020, Burlington will be going to Beverly (12 participants). We will revisit the interest of our members in 2020.  BGCC will be hosting Hamilton (8 participants) and Mississaugua (8 participants). The Ladies Executive also discussed considering other potential courses for interchanges.

Business Ladies - We have had a weekend business league for many years but participation has been significantly decreasing. If anyone has any new ideas or would like to convene this league, please contact Danielle Ross ( We are open to your suggestions.

Tournaments: We will hold the Solheim Cup/Charity Tournament, the Memorial Tournament, the Four Ball Better Ball Tournament and the Robert Johnston Tournament. Because of the shortened season, the Robert Johnston tournament will be a two day event as usual but will not be a shot gun format and there will be no lunch.

All feedback is important and we encourage you to send your comments to Danielle Ross (

Have a wonderful winter season!



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Danielle Ross

Ladies President, Danielle Ross, has been a golfing member since 2007. Originally from Alexandria, Ontario, she and her husband, Gary, settled in Burlington in 1984. Together they have three sons, two of whom are golfing members, Jonathan and Eric, and both Men’s Club Champions. Her third, Patrick, who was formerly a member at BGCC lives in Boston with his wife and two children, Bodhi and Annabelle. Assisting a total of five Directors of Education over a period of 24 years, Danielle retired in 2016 from the Halton Catholic District School Board. She was Games Captain in 2015 and Prize, publicity, Trophy Convener for the past two years. She believes it’s important to give back to the community and looks forward to serving the ladies of BGCC as their President for the next 2 years.

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