July 11, 2018 Karen Dyson

ISSUE #3 JULY 2018

Welcome to the Summer Issue of “What’s Happening” in Ladies Golf!  We are about half way through our season and I am happy to report that everything is going “par”ticularly well!  You will find this newsletter full of information about what is coming in the next few months…there is lots of fun still to come!! 

New Members

We have two new lady members who are joining us mid-season:  Gabbie Wentges and Leslie Clanachan.  A warm welcome to both of these ladies and special thanks to their Big Sisters, Kathy Miele and Jane Soper-Kennedy.  If you see a new face in the Ladies Locker Room, please introduce yourself! 😊

Tuesday Events

Congratulations to all of the Tuesday event winners since our last newsletter:

  • Odds & Evens:
    • 1st Place:  Karen Biskey
    • Runner-Up:  Donna Tufford
  • Count Your Putts:
    • Frances Weber
    • Lynn Graham
  • TOES:
    • 1st Place:  Claire Salisbury, Terri Durcan & Kathy Miele
    • 2nd Place:  Louise Desrochers, Denise Walker & Melissa Norton
  • Pro/President Challenge (10 groups either beat or tied the Pro/Pres score of 67)
    • Julie Allen & Kim Frid
    • Susan Semkowski & Martha Wilk
    • Liz Kosiancic & Terri Durcan
    • Carolyn Hopmans & Jai Turnbull
    • Betty Lou Rosborough & Margo Hetherington
    • Janet Sutherland & Cynthia Cavanaugh
    • Louise Desrochers & Maureen Kennedy
    • Caroline Hogwood & Faith Schofield
    • Karen Biskey & Cheryl Hoshowsky
    • Debbie Bristow & Brenda Miller
  • Ladies Member Guest:
    • 1st Place:  Elaine Gerri-Valentini, Laura Gainey, Heather Gerrie-Kwant & Joan Waechter
    • 2nd Place:  Claire Salisbury, Tia Downer, Susan McCulloch & Dymphna Tully
    • 3rd Place:  Diane Regan, Sheila Smith, Maureen Kennedy & Kathy Sava
    • 4th Place:  Francine Davis, Kathy MacDonald, Karen Dyson & Diana Patterson
  • Solheim Cup:
    • RED TEAM

Coming up in July/August…Don’t “fore”get to sign up on the website calendar…

  • Hollywood (no Team Play)
  • Four Ball Better Ball Tournament + Lunch (no Team Play)
  • Interchange with Mississaugua @ MGCC
  • Silent Partner
  • Chapman (no Team Play)
  • Interchange with Hamilton @ BGCC
  • Robert Johnston Tournament + Lunch
  • Survivor

Ladies Member Guest

A HUGE congratulations to the Ladies Member Guest Committee on a spectacular event!  Not only was $4,200 raised for Halton Women’s Place, the participants also brought in a mountain of new towels and pillows to be donated, which was much appreciated.  Hats off to Cathy Leyland, Melissa Norton, Deb McMillan, Lynne Hague and June Starkey for all their hard work…we are proud of you ladies!

Team Play League

Team Play is off to a flying start!  We have 4 teams participating in the league:  PINK PANTHERS, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, SWINGING SAPHIRES, & BLACK PEARLS.  There have been 5 games to date with the PINK PANTHERS in the lead with 99 points.  Tania Clancy is leading the low gross scoring average, followed closely by Diane Regan.  Connie Martin is leading the low net scoring average, followed closely by Margo Hetherington, Jean Redgrave and Dianne Kirchner.  There is still plenty of time for the BLACK PEARLS to make it to the top…Sorry, did I give away what team I’m playing on?!  The Team Play Closing Cocktail Party is scheduled for Tuesday, September 11th at 7pm.


Interchanges are a fun way to play at another club or to host ladies coming from another club.  These events are limited to twelve ladies, and if you have hosted, you have “first right of refusal” to participate at an outside club.  Our first interchange took place on June 19th with twelve of our ladies travelling to Beverly Golf & Country Club for a fun round of golf followed by a delicious lunch.  Online sign-up is now available for our next interchange which will be held at Mississaugua Golf & Country Club on Thursday, July 27th.  Our last interchange will be held on Thursday, August 9th with BGCC hosting Hamilton. 

Match Play Posters

Next time you are in the Ladies Locker Room, check out the match play posters on the bulletin board.  Even though they are online, it is nice to see them in print and to follow everyone’s progress!  Thanks to Ryan Beaudoin in the Pro Shop for making these for us!  The Pro Shop will be updating these and have asked that we please do not write on them…thanks!

“Sharing” Library

We have had a request to start a “book sharing library” and we think it’s a fabulous idea!!  Karen Pettit has volunteered to be our “Head Librarian” and she will be managing the library.  The shelf will be located in the Ladies Locker Room (location TBD).  In order for this plan to run smoothly, we have a few “rules” in place:

  1. Please bring in books only (no magazines) and ensure that they are fairly current. 
  2. Please do not raid your crawl space and bring in hundreds of books.  The idea is to “take a book & leave a book”.  If the shelf is full, then we would appreciate that you wait to drop off a book until there is space for it.  If the area becomes messy, we may have to discontinue this.
  3. Karen will try to keep the books in alphabetical order according to author.  It would help if you could put the books in their proper place when you return them.

Thanks to Karen for her lovely suggestion and for volunteering to look after the library.  Happy Reading Ladies! 

September is a BUSY month!!

I know that September seems like a long way off, but believe me, it will be here sooner than you think!  There is LOTS happening in September so I want you to mark your calendars early.

  • CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND!!!!!  September 1,2,3

All Flights will play 3 days with a cut after the second round.

Groups can be chosen on the first day.

  • Champ Flight:  0-16 handicap (Saturday early tee times/Sunday later tee times)
  • A Flight:  17-22 handicap (Saturday early tee times/Sunday later tee times)
  • B Flight:  23-26 handicap (Saturday later tee times/Sunday early tee times)
  • C Flight:  27-33 handicap (Saturday later tee times/Sunday early tee times)
  • D Flight:  34+ handicap (Saturday later tee times/Sunday early tee times)

Senior Club Championship will be a 2 day event (Saturday/Sunday).

  • HUNTER-ARMITAGE AT BGCC  Thursday September 6th

It’s the 85th anniversary of this prestigious tournament.  Players with an index of 29 or less can participate. Cost will be $90 per person which includes cart, luncheon and prizes. This event involves 4 other area clubs besides BGCC:  Dundas Valley, Glendale, Beverly and Chedoke.  The format is both players tee off and then alternate from the best ball…40% of the totaled handicaps.

  • MYSTERY TOUR   Tuesday September 18th

This event is still “TOP SECRET”.  You will enjoy breakfast at our Club before boarding a bus to “you will know when you get there”!  You will enjoy a round of golf followed by a delicious lunch.  The bus will then bring all the happy ladies home.  Sign-up for this event begins on August 21st and is open to the first 40 ladies.  We wish we could take everyone, however, we are constrained by the bus numbers.

  • CLOSING DAY/PARI-MUTUEL & DINNER  Tuesday September 25th

Sign up as a foursome, threesome, twosome or single and come out and finish off the golfing year with a bang! 

That’s all for now…thanks for reading all the way to the end!!

If you have any questions, I’m only an email away!  kjdyson@sympatico.ca

Warmest regards,

Karen Dyson

About the Author

Karen Dyson

Karen has been a BGCC member since 1998 and enjoys both golfing and curling at the club. She is the Ladies Executive President for 2017-18.

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