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Memr Coection I would like to personally thank all of you for attending our 97th Annual General Meeting of the Burlington Golf & Country Club Ltd. At this point, it is also my privilege to comment on the current "State of the Union" of our Club as well as to reflect on the more significant highlights and accomplishments over this past year. As far as our Club is concerned, there is no doubt that we are among the most successful private golf and country clubs in southwestern Ontario, and the envy of our peers. Our Financials were exceptional in 2018. Healthy contribution from operations combined with record Initiation revenues allowed us to continue to invest in our club while at the same time significantly reducing our long-term debt. As a result of this strong position, in July of 2018 we were able to pay down the remainder of our clubhouse debt four years ahead of schedule, while at the same time funding the entire $300k investment required to improve our curling facility. Finance Chair and Treasurer, Rob Hinrichs will be reviewing our 2018 numbers in more detail for you shortly as well as looking ahead to what we can expect in 2019. None of these financial successes would have been achievable without a strong and vibrant membership. I am pleased to report that, in times when many clubs have been struggling, we have been able to maintain full membership levels in both golf and curling, and we continue to be successful in attracting new members. To that end, we currently have 20 Shareholder members waiting to join our club for the upcoming season. The significance of this being that, our amazingly successful Trial Membership program which generated 95 new Shareholder members over the past seven years, will likely not be required for 2019. Instead, we hope to put it on hold, ready for use should the need in the future arises. Turning our attention to the golf course, 2018 proved to be a very challenging season. The exceptionally long and cold spring delayed our official course opening until May, and lead to unseasonably poor growing conditions for our greens. While not initially apparent, we also experienced winter damage on some of our weaker greens which further delayed their recovery. Lastly, two significant wind storms took down several prominent trees on our course, including the iconic white pine formerly located on the left side of #10 fairway. Not to worry however, after much deliberation we will be moving forward with the plan to transplant a similar tree from within our property. This tree has been identified and is being professionally prepared for transplant, hopefully later this season. A modern-day reality that must now be acknowledged and planned for is the severity and unpredictability of our weather. In order to be able to react to whatever Mother Nature offers up, Dean and his crew will be implementing a more dynamic, flexible maintenance schedule. This will allow for adjustment to their practices to ensure that the condition of our course remains the best possible. In stark contrast to last year, this year's curling season began without incident. The installation of insulation and a re-shingling of the curling roof over the summer proved to be highly successful! This, along with improvements to the curling plant, resulted in curlers being on the ice almost a month earlier than in previous years and has helped to create both consistent and superior ice conditions regardless of the weather outside. Our Curling section remains very strong with approximately 600 members and most leagues running at capacity. Our program is one of the most successful in Ontario and curling continues to contribute significantly to the year-round success of our club. Of all the initiatives undertaken by your Board over the past year, the most significant by far was the continuation of our Long-Range Planning process. At last year's AGM, four major capital projects were introduced to the members. Later in the spring, the projects were outlined in detail, followed by open discussions with membership over three Town Hall meetings. Ultimately, we all voted at a Special General Meeting of Shareholder members held in October. Using the electronic submission of proxies for the first time, 75% of our membership voted to approve all four projects by a significant majority. As a recap, the membership voted as follows: • Replacement of the Irrigation System – 95% in favour. • Renovations to the Mixed Lounge, Dining Room and Kitchen – 91.4% in favour. • Golf Course redesign of Hole #5 and Hole #6 – 74.6% in favour. • Golf Course redesign of Hole #17 including the rebuilding of the pond and tee blocks on Hole #18 – 67.6% in favour. With all four projects approved by a significant majority, the membership demonstrated a clear mandate to the Board as to the direction in which it wishes the Club to progress. Work began immediately after the Special General Meeting, and to date, we are well underway for construction to commence this fall, on schedule. While more details will be forthcoming, here is what we know so far: President Address 97 th Annual General Meeting ~ January 19 th 2 February 2019 Dave Dyson

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