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Tattler The May 2014 The delay in the course opening has necessitated a review of the 2014 tournament schedule by the Golf committee, the Captain's committee and our Professional. The study concluded that several events will have to be either cancelled or postponed to a later date. Unfortunately, the latter will create a certain degree of compression in the schedule later in the year so shortly a new schedule of events will be posted. The cancelled events primarily involve non members such as the Ontario Mid-Amateur Championship, the Invitation tournament and the Ontario Golf Course Ranking Panel event. This complete review of the season was undertaken to ensure that our members have as much access to the tee as possible. Scores will not be inputted into the Handicap computer as long as we are required to play temporary greens but as soon as the greens are re-opened, we will resume regular handicap practice. However, members still should enter their scores from other courses that are fully open. On the Golf Committee side... Your Golf committee has been busy this past winter organizing the new Men's "Buddy" program which is patterned after the fine job that our lady golf members have been doing for years with their Big Sister initiative. In order to mentor the culture and practices of our club, the New and Trial male members have been paired up with a veteran male member with similar business interests, skill level or age. As with our Big Sister program, I am sure there will be some strong, long lasting friendships forged so thank you to all the volunteers who are ensuring the success of this maiden year. As always, a warm welcome to all our new members by everyone is much appreciated. The committee has taken a page from the U.S.G.A. and the P.G.A. to create a BGCC version of the " Tee It Forward" program. We have developed a set of guidelines in preparation of the course re-routing and renovation work due to be in place for the start of the 2015 season. As we will have a longer, stronger course next year, the thought has been to introduce a program in 2014 to encourage the membership to play from a set of tees that best matches with their personal skill level. We have come up with the scale below as a benchmark for the program: The committee stresses that these are merely suggestions, not a mandate of tee selection. If you are curious to know exactly how far your personal drive actually travels, we suggest that you book an appointment with one of our Professional staff to be tested on the Flight Scope equipment located on the Driving Range. We want everyone to enjoy their game to the fullest and have the opportunity for a few more birdies. This year we have invited Jr. Captain, Nathan Cooper to join the Golf committee. In partnership with Vice Chair Bob Hague, the committee is putting special effort into the Junior program and it seems to be working. We have initiated a Jr. League, a Facebook page and are instilling structure and an overall re-assessment of programs already in place. Bob Hague, Nathan Cooper and Steven Abraham, Junior co-ordinator are doing an excellent job of growing the game at the grass roots level. Brad Petersen Chair, Golf Committee Golf Committee Chair Report Another study issue is the participation level of golf events throughout the year. Some tournaments are full to capacity while others have been declining. The Golf committee in conjunction with the various Captain's committees is actively brainstorming the issues, sharing information and developing some ideas to curb the trend of decline. Hopefully, we will develop some initiatives to ensure that the events of 2014 and into the future are as full and successful as possible. Our patience is going to be tested over the next few weeks and possibly months. There is no one to blame for this situation other the Mother Nature so it is imperative that we are supportive of our Superintendent, Dean Baker and his staff while they toil under very trying conditions. What we need is some favourable weather and time to promote some turf growth and once that happens, we will be well on our way to enjoying another great season--albeit a little shorter than hoped. I would like to acknowledge the efforts and time commitment of the Golf Committee team; Vice Chair Bob Hague, Men's Captain Mike Fernie, Ladies Captain, Carolyn Hopmans, Junior Captain, Nathan Cooper, Cheryl Hoshowsky, Don Hill, Paolo Zulian, Duncan Bell, David Olynyk, Trevor Fackrell and Dean Baker. We are at your service and promise to make it "All About the Club." Average Drive Suggested Tee Deck 150 Yards or Less Red 150-175 Yards White 175-200 Yards Blue / White 200-225 Yards Blue 225 Yards and Up Gold

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