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1 Tattler The July 2014 In my short tenure as Chair of the House committee, I have become much more appreciative of the huge task of conducting the clubhouse side of the business here at Burlington Golf & Country Club. As one member has put it, "We are a successful high end restaurant, bar and event locale in what is essentially a town of over 1400 people which also just happens to have several hundred competing establishments within a twenty minute radius". I find this analogy very thought provoking and given our success, I consider this to be a real compliment both to the amazing work of our management and staff as well as a true reflection of the support and commitment of a very special membership. The mandate of the House committee for 2014 is focused on the clubhouse and the activities within. Reporting to the Board of Directors, we work closely with Management to oversee the following: • Planning and scheduling our numerous events. • Ensuring that the quality and service within our Food and Beverage areas are aligned with the requirements of our members. • Reviewing and enforcing clubhouse rules and policies. • Developing proposals going forward for improvements to our facility. To this end, we are your voice in much of what occurs within our clubhouse and I invite any member to share with us ideas and suggestions which you feel will help us in this role. Although Mother Nature has created a slower start to this 2014 golf season, we are still coming off a very successful first few months of the year. With your support I feel we have plenty of time, ideas and events to make up the ground we have lost – no pun intended. Function and event bookings continue to be strong. We had a tremendous turnout over the Mother's Day weekend and the introduction of theme nights during the entire month of June by Chef Juliette and Barbara Wahab have proven to be very popular. Looking forward, we have moved our Member Appreciation Day ahead to July 5 th this year in celebration of the eagerly awaited re-opening of our greens. "Lobsterfest" is scheduled for July 25 th and on August 29 th , the eve of the Men's Club Championship, we will be hosting a "British Invasion Party" in conjunction with the 50 th anniversary of the Beatles. The committee is assured that with these events, a few ideas we are working on and the continued support of our membership, we will be able to make up for this slightly slower start with a very strong finish. On behalf of the committee I would be remiss if I did not thank the Clubhouse staff and management for their efforts. Whether it is fine dining with a nice bottle of wine, enjoying a Friday night barbecue on the patio or simply cheating on your waistline with a beer and a pound of the best chicken wings ever fried, we are very fortunate. The team in the kitchen, our servers, bartenders and all responsible for the day to day operations around the clubhouse continue to offer us the best possible service. I personally thank our House Committee members: Catherine McParland, Janet James, Jayne Riley, June Starkey, Nancy Williams, Jack Raftis and Tony Colangelo as well as Kaitlyn Buis and Barbara Wahab our staff advisors. Please seek them out with any comments or suggestions you would like to have taken into consideration and I commit to you that we will do our best to preserve and enhance this wonderful Membership experience we have within our club. Dave Dyson Chair, House Committee House Committee Chair Report

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