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1 Burlington Golf and Country Club GGGolf Tee Times User Guide Side Navigation Menu: Menu Options: ▶ Home page – Returns to the club's web site ▶ Calendar – Displays the calendar of events including links for booking tee times and lottery requests. Events can be clicked on for general information and to register for events. Your tee times, lottery requests and event registrations also appear as links in the calendar. You can click on them to modify or cancel your different reservations. ▶ Member Directory – This list contains the entire member roster. ▶ My Profile/Account – Enables you to set up a password for the GGGolf iPhone App. Other options will soon be available to help you configure your preferences for receiving confirmation emails for tee times, ballots and tournament registrations. See below. ▶ Book a Tee Time – Book a tee time in a preexisting draw. ▶ My Starting Times – Displays a list of your current tee times. ▶ Starting Times as Captain – Displays a list of your current tee times for which you are the captain. Only the captain can make changes to his/her group. ▶ Ballot Requests – Displays a list of your current lottery ballot requests. You can also display a complete list of lottery requests for any date available for booking lottery requests and add yourself to existing ballots. ▶ Handicap / Groups – Sub-menu options for handicap information/favorite groups. My Handicap – Displays last 20 scores and allows posting of scores/stats. Games Stats – Displays playing stats such as fairways, greens in regulation, etc. Course Handicap Charts – Displays course handicaps for different tees at your clubs. Handicap Peer Review – Percentage of scores that have been entered. Member Rankings – Shows golfer rankings. Games played (reason no score) – Displays the history of your tee times with your playing partners. You can indicate reasons for not posting your score. Favorite Groups as Participants – Lists the groups (leagues) in which you are a participant. Favorite Groups as Captain – Lists the groups in which you are the captain. Captains can maintain multiple groups, in which they can add/remove members. Groups are very useful for booking tee times and lottery requests when you often play with the same people. ▶ Tournaments – Sub-menu options for tournaments Tournament Schedule – List of upcoming tournaments with registration start/end dates & number of current registrations for each tournament. Tournaments Available for Sign‐up – List of tournaments opened for registrations. Confirmed Tournament Sign‐up – List of your current tournament sign-ups including those for which your friends/family signed you up for. Edit Tournament Sign‐ups – List of your current tournament sign-ups for which you are the captain (member having performed the sign-up). Tournament Results – Look for tournament results here. Match Play Pairing Results – Match play brackets for ongoing matches. Members involved in a match can click on the name of the winning team/player to advance to the next round. Member Name iPhone App – GGGolf offers a free read-only iPhone App (GGGolf Lite) (view information but no bookings) and also a paying iPhone app at a price of $5.99. Prior to logging in with the iPhone App, you need to set up your password in the "My Profile" menu option. You will need to use your member account at the club as the member Id to log in via the App.

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