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Around the Globe ~ Dean Baker ~ Greenkeeper International Magazine ~ December 2017

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modifications have been made, such as greens sodded to bentgrass. Most of the course has been able to adapt. Cultural practices have us trying to grow more bent than native Poa, but with Mother Nature that doesn't always work. The key is whatever wants to grow naturally, keep it healthy and keep it consistent. Grass is a wonderful thing; varieties o•en do mix and still give you great surfaces. Our classic example, Poa and bent. In Ontario during the summer heat, we keep a steady pace and drink lots of water. In the winter cold, we bundle up! What types of wildlife do you get on the course that you wouldn't in the UK? In most cases, probably the same. On land we see coyote, fox, squirrels, rabbits, big healthy skunks and raccoons. In the air we What is the best part of living in your country? Canada is vast! The landscape changes with every province. Canadian people are a strong part of why we are such a wonderful country. We are very patriotic but in a quieter way. Let's enjoy life and not complain too much. There is good healthcare too. What is the worst? The climate can get crazy. In Southern Ontario (Toronto area), we can see summers in the high 30˚C, with winters -20˚C. This means people and turf need pretty thick skin. How does the weather affect your work? As mentioned, turf has pretty thick skin when it comes to the weather. The evolution of grasses at BGCC is close to 100 years. Some What is the most unusual or interesting thing you would tell other BIGGA members about your country? It's big! Canada is the country with the second largest land mass in the world. It is very diverse from east to west, north to south. I could write a book on Canada. Some may think getting across Canada by vehicle would take hours; it actually takes six long days, from east to west. How would you describe the style of course that you manage and what are its most defining features? Historic in our terms, in that Burlington is a 1922 Stanley Thompson design. It is a great walker's course at 6,500 yards, obviously no carts back then. With a minimal amount of equipment and technology, Stanley used what he had for topography and did a fine job. Very similar to old European courses. How does greenkeeping in your country vary from the UK? In North America, there is a tendency to maintain from fence line to fence line. It became very excessive through the 1970-80s and then the golf recession hit. This initiated, what I believe to be a necessary reality check on what really should be maintained. Canadian regulations for chemicals have restrictions similar to Europe. This is a good thing as it makes us think more agronomically, in terms of growing and maintaining healthy turf. Clubhouse Bay View Clubhouse on Canada Day Around the Globe Dean Baker CGCS | Burlington Golf and Country Club, Canada 14 December 2017 a@BIGGALtd GI Around the Globe have redtail hawks, eagles, herons, robins, blue jays, cardinals, orioles, cormorants, woodpeckers and the not so lovable Canada goose, who leave their mark everywhere! What is your club management structure like? Burlington is a private shareholder membership. Our chief operating officer reports directly to a club represented board. The team consists of a head golf professional, course superintendent, food & beverage manager and controller of administration. The 1,540 members consist of golfers (755), curlers (595) and clubhouse members (190). What is the public perception of golf in your country? It would be considered a game for all ages. Golf is actually the #1 participated sport in Canada. Over 5.7 million Canadians play golf, with over 2,400 golf courses. Everyone thinks it would be hockey. Why do you choose to be a BIGGA member? I have always been interested in looking outside my back yard. I was also intrigued with Europe's own diversity, from country to country. What one tip would you give to British greenkeepers that you have learnt in your country? Communication! It's key to building a good team and also essential in maintaining the relationship between turf managers and membership. Next Generation Bunker Edging • Patented Synthetic Bunker Edge Technology • 20+ Year Life Design • Proven Cost and Maintenance Savings • Unparalleled Bunker Edge Stability • Resistant to Washout • Free Initial Consultation "The maintenance and costs savings have been staggering. The product has transformed our bunkers and the design ideas presented by Durabunker helped ensure a successful outcome to our bunker renovation" Kirk Richmond, Course Manager, Tiburón GC TPC Colorado Tel: +44 (0)1656 336576 Also Certified Installers of Better Billy Bunker Are you an international member? Email to be featured here a@BIGGALtd December 2017 15 GI Around the Globe

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