Handicap Scores Required for Tournament Sign-up

November 22, 2017 Chris Davis

Over the past several years, the men’s Captain Committee / Handicap Committee has been focused on raising the awareness of ensuring that all participants of golf events have a handicap that is reflective of their level of play.  During this time a significant improvement has been seen by all members in posting their scores, to the point where a majority of members are at 100% score entry.  To this end, it has been unanimously agreed by the Golf Committee that at  the start of the 2018 golf season, a minimum 80 % score entry will be required in order to participate in any BGCC golf event.  

At the start of the  2018 season, all BGCC golf members will begin with a 100% score entry. The system matches your scores to your tee times and if a score is missing, your entered score percentage drops. You can see your percentage score entry in GGGolf under the Handicap>Groups (see image below - message continues)....

Below I have included some questions and answers that I thought would be helpful for all.

Don't forget that we have Frequently Asked Questions regarding Handicapping right here in Uberflip.  Click this link to have a look.

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Q. Does my club have to have a Handicap Committee?

A. Yes. As per the Golf Canada Member Club Handicap License Agreement, in order to issue

Handicap Factors to its members, a club must have a Handicap Committee.


Q. What scores are acceptable for posting purposes?

A. Almost all scores are acceptable because the basic premise of the Golf Canada Handicap

System is that every player will try his or her best on every hole, in every round regardless of where

the round was played. Therefore all of the following are acceptable scores:

  • 18 hole rounds
  • 13 or more holes played you must post an 18-hole score
  • 9 hole rounds
  • 7-12 holes played you must post a nine-hole score
  • Scores on all courses with a valid Course and Slope Rating, whether at home course, away course, or out of country
  • Scores in all forms of competition: match play, stroke play, team competitions
  • All scores in which you play your own ball, under all types of competition


Q. How soon after playing do I have to post my score for handicap purposes?

A.The score must be posted immediately following the round, or if that is not possible, as soon as



Q. Are tournament scores calculated differently than regular scores?

A. No. Tournament scores are calculated the same as regular scores, but if tournament scores

posted are much lower than regular scores posted the Handicap Factor may be subject to an

automatic reduction. See Section 10-3 of the Handicap Manual.


Q. Should I post the scores from my winter vacation?

A. If the round(s) played were in an area observing an Active Handicap Season then you must post

the score(s). Most of the southern United States observe a year-round Active Season, but you can

confirm the Active Season for where you are playing by calling the State golf association for that



Q. What score do I post if I am conceded a stroke in match play?

A. If a player starts but does not complete a hole or is conceded a stroke, that player shall record for

handicap purpose their most likely score. The most likely score consists of the number of strokes

already taken plus, in the player’s best judgement, the number of strokes that the player would need

to complete the hole from that position more than half the time. This number may not exceed the

player’s Equitable Stroke Control limit. This most likely score should be preceded by an X, such as


There is no limit to the number of unfinished holes a player may have in a round provided that failure to finish is not for the purpose of Handicap Factor manipulation.


Example 1: A and B are partners in a four-ball stroke play competition. On a hole on which neither

player receives a handicap stroke, A lies two, 18 feet from the hole. B lies two, 25 feet from the hole.

B holes a putt for a three. A picks up their ball because they cannot better B’s score. A records X4

on the score card because 4 is their most likely score.


Example 2: A and B are playing a match. On a hole on which neither player receives a handicap

stroke, A has holed out in 4; B has a 30 foot putt for a 5. B has lost the hole, and picks up. He

records X6 on the score card because 6 is their most likely score.


Example 3: A and B are playing a match. On a hole on which neither player received a handicap

stroke, A is one foot from the hole, lying 4. B is 10 feet from the hole, lying 3. B putts and misses.

They agree to a half. Both players record 5 because that is the score they most likely would have



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