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March 5, 2018 Craig Bancroft

By now I am sure that you all have heard that I am retiring as the Head Ice Tech at BGCC. It was not an easy decision by any means. This choice took about a year to make.  Curling has been a huge part of my life. First, as a junior player, then as an adult and coach, and then into ice tech work for the last 26 years. From my start in a little two sheet club, to working Provincials, Briers, Scotties, and Worlds, to coming to Burlington Golf; this adventure has been beyond my wildest dreams. The past ten years here have been full of everything an Ice Tech could wish for:  the new floor, the new rocks and a better appreciation from the members towards the working and care of the ice.

My wife, Doris and I would like to thank you for your support during the past ten years. We both are looking forward to our next adventures as we want to travel and curl throughout the season, and will be staying at Burlington Golf and Country Club as curling members. Even though I am retiring as a Head Ice Tech, I intend to continue in the curling industry.

Again, thanks to all the curling members.  Good Luck and GOOD CURLING!

Craig Bancroft
Head Ice Tech
Burlington Golf and Country Club

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Craig Bancroft

Prior to moving to Canada and obtaining his first OCA certification, Craig was an ice tech and curling coach in Wisconsin. He successfully coached a junior women's team to the National Championship title and instilled a life long love of the sport in the kids. Several went on to high competition levels, including National Championships, World Championships and one was a member of the US Olympic team in Vancouver 2010. He has continued his professional development through obtaining his OCA Level 2 and his WCF Ice Technician certification. He has been actively involved on the Ice Crews of marquis events, including the 2014 Continental Cup in Las Vegas, several US National Championships, the 2009 US Olympic Qualifiers, along with the 2007 Brier in Hamilton and the 2006 Scotties in London. Craig is entering his 10th year as the Head Ice Tech at BGCC and often says that he is living the ice tech's dream.

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Craig Bancroft ... Driveway Olympian
Craig Bancroft ... Driveway Olympian