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November 24, 2017 Craig Bancroft

We have installed a new practice and training tool called “Klutch Curling” on Sheet E.  It is app-based and available for download at the App Store.  There is a free trial of 3 sessions, and if you want to continue using it, there is a purchase fee.  The tool is intended to help improve consistency in your delivery by tracking split times, rotation, drift and push/pull.

To get started:

  • Download the app, set up your account, and open the “Start Session”
  • Have your phone with you (on your person) as it needs to be within 20’ of the stone for tracking the results.
  • Select the Sheet Number (Sheet E)

First End:

  • Flip the rocks you want to throw in practice on their side.  This activates the rocks to show up on your screen.  Set rocks back to running surface.
  • Tap the screen/rocks to confirm that you want to use them - the rocks will change colour.
  • Tap “Start Session” (it will be green when ready to tap).
  • Prior to throwing each rock, clean the running surface as you normally would; this will activate the stone sensor.  You will see a quick notice on your phone and may feel a vibration on your phone as the rock registers.  Throw your rock.
  • Clean each rock as you throw it - wait for the rock to register on phone prior to throwing.
  • You need to throw the rock within 25 seconds of cleaning it or the app will time out.  
    To reactivate, simply clean the rock again.

When you proceed to the “second end” of your practice, the rocks will still be registered on your phone.  For each throw, you will need to clean the rocks before throwing - this registers the throw with the app.  You won’t need to wait for your phone to vibrate from the “second end” onwards.

To Review your session:

  • Tap “Review Session”
  • Select your past session to review (tap the date and sessions will list out)
  • Tap each shot. Select the icon that you want to review from the 4 shown
    (Split, Rotation, Line, Push/Pull)
  • The app will give you the reading on each shot so you can track the consistency of your delivery.
  • To understand the analysis of Line and Push/Pull, click on the “i” on the lower right corner of the display. When reviewing these two variables, be aware that the measurement is extremely fine/exact and measures in millimeters.

More information about the technology is available at:


Step by Step instructions can be found at:  


This is brand new Curling technology and we are all learning it together.

Good Luck and Good Curling!



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Craig Bancroft

Prior to moving to Canada and obtaining his first OCA certification, Craig was an ice tech and curling coach in Wisconsin. He successfully coached a junior women's team to the National Championship title and instilled a life long love of the sport in the kids. Several went on to high competition levels, including National Championships, World Championships and one was a member of the US Olympic team in Vancouver 2010. He has continued his professional development through obtaining his OCA Level 2 and his WCF Ice Technician certification. He has been actively involved on the Ice Crews of marquis events, including the 2014 Continental Cup in Las Vegas, several US National Championships, the 2009 US Olympic Qualifiers, along with the 2007 Brier in Hamilton and the 2006 Scotties in London. Craig is entering his 10th year as the Head Ice Tech at BGCC and often says that he is living the ice tech's dream.

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